Facebook may be creating AR glasses with Ray-Ban’s owner (updated)

Apple might not be the only big tech company working on an augmented reality headset. CNBC sources maintain that Facebook is partnering with Luxottica (owner of Ray-Ban, Oakley and other brands) on AR glasses nicknamed Orion. The eyewear would be a full-fledged phone replacement, according to the contacts. You could take calls, see information and livestream what you’re seeing. In that sense, it would be closer to Google Glass (which also involved Luxottica) than phone-dependent devices like Snap’s Spectacles.

The work is quite early, according to the tipsters. Even with Luxottica’s help, Orion wouldn’t reach your head until sometime between 2023 and 2025 — assuming it ships. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly considers the project a priority, though.

Facebook declined to comment.