Meet robotic arm inventor Easton LaChappelle

 young engineer, making his mark in the world of robotic limbs

Easton LaChappelle was a kid who took apart everything he could get his hands on. “My escape was building things,” he says. He laughs, remembering the time he was dismantling a microwave in his bedroom when his father walked in and wordlessly placed a fire extinguisher on the floor.

When Easton submitted a robotic arm for his 8th grade science fair, he wasn’t expecting it to be the catalyst for a lifelong pursuit of changing people’s lives. But on that day, after meeting a little girl whose basic prosthetic arm had cost her family more than $80,000 (and would need to be replaced once a year as she grew), he found his purpose: building an affordable robotic prosthetic for the millions of people worldwide just like her.